The top 10 recommendations were drawn from the Sulong Pilipinas consultation held with youth organizations all over the country last May 14, 2020. These recommendations have been presented to the Cabinet Assistance System (CAS) last October 9, 2020 for appropriate response/updates from the concerned agencies.​​

Below are the top 10 recommendations from the youth:

  1. Provide organic farming training, mentorship programs, and modern technology to farmers to boost countryside development.

  2. Improve digital infrastructure, boost internet speed, ensure proper training and budget for flexible learning to ensure continuity and quality of education at all times.

  3. Integrate the National ID system in data-driven and evidence-based programs to expedite the distribution of government aid to affected households during calamities and similar situations.

  4. Increase testing capacity to ensure that the Philippines is prepared for the “new normal” post-COVID-19.

  5. Implement PUV service contracting along with high volume transit corridors; raise capacity and efficiency of public transport with improved road-based infrastructure and safety measures; and shift to an automated fare collection system.

  6. Develop strategic industries and promote the country for foreign and domestic investment to create employment for displaced workers in the countryside.

  7. Consistent and coordinated enforcement of policies and quarantine guidelines to ensure public trust in efforts to control the pandemic.

  8. Deferment of rents and tax payments, relaxation of government guidelines limiting hotel use to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on businesses in the tourism sector.

  9. Provision of emergency relief, cash transfers to low-income households, production support to agri-fisherfolks, and wage subsidies to informal earners and displaced OFWs to help citizens cope with the negative impacts of COVID-19 and the climate crisis.

  10. Financial and technical assistance for local MSMEs in applying new technologies in their digitalization process.

These recommendations have been presented to the Cabinet Assistance System (CAS) last October 9, 2020, for appropriate response and updates from the concerned agencies. Stay tuned for more updates on your recommendations.

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